Where can i find this game and does it even exist?

So there used to be an extremely old game that I would think I was playing when I was 8. It was on either my old LG phone or some kind of kids ipad with a red case. The game was called “bad kid” if i remember correctly and i would play it all the time. Not thinking i would never find it again i deleted it after what i thought was beating the game. You start in this messed up school as what i think was this girl in a yellow and white striped shirt with normal blue jeans and a pony tail. You don’t really have objectives so you just look around the whole school and go from there. Some people were bad, you’d have to go to the library to learn knew fighting moves to kill people and ways to craft diy armor. Some people youd kill for others so you can get better stuff. There was a messed up playground with some big bully dealing out drugs and some kind of museum? An infirmary and the main hallways. A shower room like the ones you’d see in a prison and an auditorium. There were more rooms i remember seeing doors to. I wouldn’t ever go in those rooms unless the game told me to. When given a “quest” the game would usually guide you with yellow arrows and when it didn’t you would just have to find out what to do on your own. You spawn with nothing and no storyline or instructions at all. it’s a pretty fucked up game but its extremely fun for some reason. If literally anyone remembers any kinda of game like this then please tell me. I remember one of the first bosses being like “T-bone” and the drug dealer was one to, you could find him on the basketball court outside. If you refused to take his stuff or make someone else do it he would get in a fight with you i think. The game has been removed off the app store for years now but i cant get my mind off it. I don’t know if it was just a very very long and detailed dream that lasted over days or a legitimate game. I had it on my old LG but last time i checked my LG it had no memory of the game but i so. Please someone if you know what i’m talking about or have anyway to help me find it please let me know!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/rjgf6t/where_can_i_find_this_game_and_does_it_even_exist/

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