Very old medieval fantasy arena fight game

The title says what I am searching for. It was 3d-ish, but I sadly cannot recall a lot of details because I don't know how old I was when I played it on the PC. It was before or somewhat around 2000 I guess.
In this game you had the ability to fight against AI enemies and there were different arenas. Kinda like For Honor, but with fantasy monsters. For example, you could play a Pigman, which was a Human with a Pighead, I believe it had an axe as weapon. There also was a magma "monster" that could walk around in lava without penalties, but it had only it's fists if I remember correctly. I also can remember a dwarf was playable too, I guess. And if I remember correctly you kinda controlled the movement of your axe with the mouse, but literally when you would "swing" your mouse the weapon in-game would do so too. Once again, I am very sorry for the low amount of details, but it's all just a bit vague in my memories. It was also a very brutal game, like you could cut off several limbs of an enemy, but he would still fight with only 1 leg and 1 arm. The only map I can recall was one with two platform thingies, with a bridge in between and a stream of lava in the middle.
That's sadly kinda all I can recall.


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