Very old game of my childhood

Hi, i was wondering if you could possibly remember i game i used to play when i was…like 7/8 years old.
I luckily remember a lot of thing about this game:
1) You could choose just two characters: one small character with red hat (similiar to link's hat) and red clothes, and the other one, taller characther than the other one, more chubbier if I remember correctly, and he had a helmet and i think with a sleeveless shirt. I hope all these details will be useful…
I know what you're thinking…it's not an "Asterix and Obelix" game…i swear. In this game you could not see the faces of the characters because of the camera fixed behind them.
I remember a specific level in this game where you were riding a floating tree like a witch, and if you bumped into the village tents, you lost your life.
If you see some grammar errors…i'm italian so, sorry. XD

Some other details:
1) you could attack with the keyboard spacebar against some knights. All knights had the same model if i remember correctly.
2) it was even a platformer game.
3) seeing an asterix and obelix game, even the oldest ones, the camera was far from the characters…but in my game..the camera was more near (like GTA) but, every time you turned the camera, the character turned with it, it prevents you from seeing his face … even when he died, once all his lives were lost, he always fell on his face.
4) there was a woman to save, between differents "worlds"?..o locations… Mario style.
5) The year i played this game was 2008/2009.


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