two really old games i don’t remember

i remember two old games allright so lets start with numero uno

allright so i rember this game it was like a sort of like a 3d virtural pet game and there was this like giant tree where you got an egg that followed you around right??? and i just cannot find it i know there were portals n stuff that sent to to this ant hill and stuff and it was linked to this other space game i don't remember and i wanna know if anyone else remembers

allright number two was kinda like a robot game and it had like this workshop to build your robot out of preset parts and stuff and when you were ready there were four lanes to send robots down and there was like this battle between the robots and stuff and i can't find it anymore you know?

allright and thats all i got for now ill see you when i remember something again

EDIT!: i found the second game! after a long time of never seeing it i found it! heres a link

so i found the og link broke but its on newgrounds its caled " scrap metal heroes " go play it if you want


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