Trying to find the name of an isometric rpg style game (from the 90’s)

Hi there, first post in reddit, actually I created an account only to ask for this information.
I remember an old videogame (I guess about 1996) that was very hard to progress. I remember a few things about it and I hope someone will recognise or remember:

-It was isometric BUT IT WAS 3D, (crappy 3D, probably worse than Mortal Kombat 4).

-It was dungeon crawler/rpg, gothic/gloomy.

-I am not sure if you could choose different class, but u would start inside the dungeon with a torch and a simple weapon.

-There were cultists who would bleed a lot and scream loudly when slain, venomous snakes, rooms with beds were you could sleep and I also remember the particular creakin sound of the doors when you open them.

As I said it was very hard to advance without being killed, and I don't remember you could save your progress. There were wooden signs to give you info about the place in some rooms, and I also remember being killed by a strong goblin-like creature at third floor.

I am sorry I cannot give more info, at that time I was about 10 years old and I didn't have much english knowledge. (game was in english btw).

Thank you for reading and I hope anyone remembers.


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