Trying to find the game I played on my childhood

Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my firts post so idk how should I write this, so I'll just hope for the best and I'll try to explain myself.

I'm here searching for help, I tried to do it on my own but fail every time and now I'll ask for help because I dont really want to give up.

When I was little, 9 or 10 years olds, I had a computer an old computer, at that time I didn't had internet but somehow there was a emulator on the computer and it had really old games. At that time I was left on my grandmother house because my mom got pregnat and left to start a new family, but whithout me, so I was really sad and I spend almost all my free time on that old computer, playing a very cute game about 3 girls that drived round robots and figth with cute aliens in super cute and pastel backgrounds and i loved it, I really loved that game it was really my happy place for a long time, I dont quite remember what happened to the computer but I'll always remember the good time trying hard to pass the level and the happines I felt when I finally reach to the next level. So I'm now here trying to get to the name, so I can I least have an Image to save, I know it's somewhere, I just haven't found it just yet.

I remember this game being a platform game, being really similar to sonic or mario. but grafics more like sonic. So you had to choose a character from the 3 girls, they drived round circular robots (really cute robots) one in pink, one blue and I think the other one was yellow. They had to search and collect round bells (I don't remember it really well) and get to a point at the end of the map pass to the next level, I remember the story starting with and old white haired man (at that time I didn't understand english) and this girls traveling in space and being inside the robots the whole time, so i just remember the robots, not the faces of the girls nor the names. Other thing that I remember is that the background where all really cute and soft, one level even being inspired on toys, like the bricks you had to destroy where toy blocks with letters, It had a lot of diffrent background/ theme levels, and based on the levels you pass you could get to new places on the map, but I don't remeber this very well. One thing I remember very well was that they could shoot, so if you shoot to the ground you could go up, and if you kept doing that for a long time you could go so up in the sky that the background changed and you could end up in space, dark and with stars, it was amazing. That's pretty much all I remember from this game.

I would really apreciate if any of you remembered anything, any clue, any tip you may know to start my search, if you played this game or if you remember seeing it somewhere, I'll thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

Thank you <3


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