Trying to find old game

So, when I was little (early 2000's I believe), I played a game on my parents computer (probably a windows 95). I thought the game was called "Achoo" or something similar, but I can't find anything based on that. I know the game wanted you to cure the creatures there for their sneezing, and you did that by obtaining some kind of fruit from a tree. But I think you had to grow the tree first, and to do that you had to travel around the world and complete various tasks in each area. Each area would vary from desert, ice/snow and forest biomes. Typical tasks would be clicking on ice flakes to get over the river, click on the map to blow away sand from hidden creatures and bee hive pussles. I can't remember much more than that. If you completed all the tasks in every biome, you would successfully grow the tree, and the creatures in the game would be cured of their sneezing by eating the fruits on it. It might be worth mentioning that I'm from Norway, so it could be a game produced and sold here only, I don't know.


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