Trying to find my childhood game

Over the years, I have forgotten the name of my childhood game. Now that I have remembered myself playing it, I have gotten this unshakable need to play it again.

The game was a 3D top down medieval combat strategy game most likely is older than 2012. You would start with 2 or 3 civilians and a townhall, you'd have to order them to chop trees, and mine stone in order to build more houses, garrisons, walls, boat houses so on and so forth, the game had boats, knights, archers, regular soldiers and catapults. The main thing I remember is that areas where there are none of your people or buildings would be darkened out, so you could not see what your enemy is doing. The game was single-player and you would fight against other kingdoms, the only change in these kingdoms would be the color of their buildings and warriors (they all had the same models).

I would be grateful for any help on this.


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