Somebody remember Game Commercial CD-ROM’s ? Please help!

I am trying to find a quite interesting piece of history.. I remember having a CD-ROM around 2005/2006 which contained several game trailers / teasers and also what I think was render movies about certain games. My memory of this is really bad but I definetly remember a trailer for some Mega Man game, a short commentary about Pokémon Red and a render trailer (not really shure if there even is a game or if it was just a cool little vid) about a car race in a cave/compound in a desert.

If somebody knows any of the things I just wrote about, I would be very thankful for any hints, youtube links, etc.

In the very rare case if somebody HAS this exact CD-ROM I would be strongly interested in buying it or would even offer to pay for a copy / mp4.

Hope this goes somewhere, this is like a splinter in my head. I really need to re-watch this thing.

Have a great day guys


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