Shock Machine Bubble Bobble

Hey all,

I've just finished doing my own deep dive so any further help would be awesome.

Back in the late 90s/real early 00s, there was a program called Shock Machine for the PC that ran Shockwave games and little animations (I had a few Snoopy shorts?). I had a version of Bubble Bobble on it that was like a touched-up version of the classic, but I've gone through the list of Bubble Bobble releases and it doesn't seem like it's on the list, unless I'm missing something. I don't think it was one of the sequels, the original version levels are exactly the same.

It's probably just on me to keep looking for game footage of the rereleases but I was just hoping someone might pass this post and go, "ohhhh yeaaaah it was Bubble Bobble X from Sega" or whatever.



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