Searching for an old rpg

Hello guys!

I'm looking for an old rpg? 2.5D i guess, around 2000s pc game, where you start in a prison, key is in the bread. It's very dark, with huge walls, and huge spaces sometimes. If you got out of the prison I think you will be in a city (full of orcs?) and you go on. I think you have to bring something to an orc to let you through on the next map. The ending is maybe a dragon I don't remember. You can walk through an area in like 20 seconds, then you will be in another area, every map has like 20-30 of those maybe. You can only walk, and you have to walk a lot.
I remember there is a part where you need a big blanket and some gas to fly over a river. If you drink a healing potion the guy sais "life returns". That's all i remember.

Thanks for the help.


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