Remembering an old PC Game.. linear.. shooting dinosaur monsters?

Hey guys, this is one of my memories that I haven't been able to figure out yet. Maybe someone can help me figure out what game it was before I go look through the list of every abandonware game ever made.

I remember it was considered "old" when I had the chance to play it for an hour and I must have been real young. This must have been 1995 or earlier and it was probably like 80's tech.

PC game, it was on a monitor with a tower I think or maybe the type of case that the monitor sits on top of, not a TV. Keyboard only. I remember everything was kinda greenish and black, maybe it was just the technology at the time.

It was a simple shooter game where your character always walks right. He shoots something to the right. As you progress to the right there's like monsters or dinosaurs or something and I think it was kinda bloody. It wasn't trying to look realistic, it was trying to look like gore. The dinosaurs weren't accurate, it was just big ugly things to kill. I think the background was black.

The more I try remembering it now, the more I realize that the memory is really gone I can't really think of anything more specific. I THINK I'll recognize it when I see it… cause I think the feel of it will be familiar. I don't think there was jumping and stuff… it was just walking to the right and trying to survive whatever is coming from that direction.

If anyone gets this, I'll be truly surprised.

Thank you


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