Rakaza Dungeon – Roguelike for old man – Can you beat the boss?

Rakaza Dungeon (Queena Tower) is a tactical roguelike about saving the princess Milasa II from Razaka devil king after an aghast war between the royal army and dark division. You have to dive into tower and dungeons to find out the truth about Rakaza and why he invades Queena Kingdom.

Challenging gameplay
You will grab your sword and shield, keep moving into the dark tower where Razaka and his monsters are occupied.
In your journey, you may pick up many epic items, and besides, there are letters from an anonymous hero that reveal the secret of Razaka the demon king.
Try to plan your strategy before entering any room, save your stomach from starving, and keep going upward.

Each run in this Dungeon is unique and full of surprises, where monsters and rooms are different from the previous ones.
Checkpoints will be auto-created each time you pass a floor, so feel free to stop the game when you need to.



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/wbu230/rakaza_dungeon_roguelike_for_old_man_can_you_beat/

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