Please help me to find the name of an old PC game :)

Hello guys, what's the name, PC online game where you run and flyf against other player in different worlds 2004-2010?? I had a nostalgia moment and suddenly remembered a game I used to play 2004-2010( more or less), it was an online game where you use to run, fly and dodge different obstacles, against other players online. the ranking system was by socks and shoes, sorry for this description but it so old I don't even know if servers still on, I would love to know the name and play, if not at least watch gameplays :), I really want to know if the game still active to play and to remember old good moments with friends. I'm not sure if about the date of the release, as I said previously, I just remember few details about the game, it was also super colorfull. The idea of the game is to arrive at the goal first. I'm not sure about the customization of characters, I don't remember very well. But one think I never forgot is the ranking systems, I used to make jokes with friends about this, it wasn't by an especif name o range it was by Simbol of a sock and a shoe hahaha. I'll appreciate a lot guys if you can help me.


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