Please help me remember this old nostalgic game

I played this tank game when I was really little– I can't remember its name– I think it was called "Terra" or "3D Terra" something like that– in it you were a tank shooting flying drones and solving puzzles. There was no music, levels were really foggy and had a cybernetic kind of theme to them, no voiceacting either– it was a very barebones, and fun game. I cannot find it anywhere and it is DRIVING ME INSANE! I loved playing this game when I was little– it might have been made in like 2003– the early two thousands for sure.

The stuff to look out for are: Tank, kinda eerie atmosphere, LOTS of puzzle solving as the tank, enemies are flying drones that look like minature spaceships, very barebones and simple game, most likely called "Terra" (I'm like 70 percent sure the name was Terra), and little to no sound except the sounds of drones, your tank hitting stuff, explosions when you kill the drones, and elevators (also it was really buggy with how you'd get your tank stuck in places ALL THE TIME)

Can someone confirm at least that this game exists?? I don't want to feel like it was just a fever dream, that game was literally so much fun to me growing up

Edit: further memories just popped into my head: The tank was green, and kinda small. The game is 3D, and your view is behind the tank like a racing game. I remember that when you hit pause, the camera pans around the tank and shows the menu on top in a cinematic kind of shot


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