Please help me find this old game!

Hello everyone, hope you all doing good. I recently remembered a game that i used to play i guess between 2005 and 2010 if i remember correctly, the game consists of 4 characters 2 male and 2 female , which you may switch between them while playing and each one of them has different abilities, there is one of them who use pistols and an other who hold a sword ,

I remember some moments of the game , where the characters meet some kind of angel or spirit and it is when they get their ultimate ability or an upgrade you might say,

You fight mainly robots during the story,

I don't know the story i never had the chance to finish it but if i remember something is that they are looking for a queen the mother of one of the female characters i suppose something like that.

I know i don't have enough details to describe the game but unfortunately this is how much i can recall.

If anyone ever played something similar and remember the game please tell me i would like to play it again,

Thanks you in advance , enjoy your day everyone!


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