Please help! Can’t remember name of game!

I have been trying to find this game for years. My father (he passed when I was 14 so I can't ask him) had me play this anime style game when I was maybe in 5th or 6th grade (2010-2012) so the game had to be out before/around then. The game was 3rd person POV (I could see my character from behind/around) and I believe open world. I remember playing on a Xbox controller but unsure if it was connected to my dad's PC or the Xbox 360. The main character starts as a young boy, a prince, and I remember he wears a long open blue coat and he had dark hair. The setting is around and inside the castle and nearby town. His friends are around for most of the gameplay to help, I believe I remember a girl with orange hair being around a lot and I remember the main character ages up to an adult during game play with a cut scene of him walking out of the castle to his friend. I think there was some tension between the main character and his father or brother I cant remember which. I do not remember too much else about the game but I know it was not kingdom hearts which is what all my google searches are coming up with. I feel like the characters name started with an A.

Thanks for any help!


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