[PC] [Early 2000s, pre-2012] Point and click + hidden object + puzzle game + story game

Platform(s): PC

Genre: Point and Click/Hidden Object (with some logic puzzles thrown in and a story)

Estimated year of release: Early 2000s

Graphics/art style: 2D

Notable characters: I remember the story vaguely, but I'll try… In the beginning, a wizard tells you to beat a dragon you need to kill him with a dagger, but the dagger is split into 3 parts, you need to find them and kill the dragon to Idk what tho…

Notable gameplay mechanics/info: I remember some parts, especially the ring minigame where there are three sticks and you have to stack rings on top of each other in order from the biggest to the smallest, but you only can move the rings on the three sticks… Also, I remember the night sky and a search for constellations… I also remember a tent (TP TENT) involved as I searched through it to get some items…

I would like to relive my "childhood" cuz I always played this game with my mom and she helped a lot… She doesn't remember the game tho… I would really appreciate it if someone knew the game I am talking about.

– Thank you in advance

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/vvzrmi/pc_early_2000s_pre2012_point_and_click_hidden/

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