PC early 2000s: 3D ball collecting game (pacman esque?)

Platform(s): PC

Genre: Platformer

Estimated year of release: 90s or early 00s

Graphics/art style: Fully 3D. Like 3rd person you can see yourself as a ball and rotate the camera around, move up ramps and stuff. Also everything is very simple. The ground is just tiles. You're just a solid colour (Silver?) ball. Enemies are solid colour (red?) balls. Very basic graphics.

Notable characters: No characters. You're just a ball and the obstacles are just red balls that move on a set trajectory

Notable gameplay mechanics: You collect dots. There are multiple different maps that you can go to after you collect all the dots in one level. You could jump and had to jump over gaps and avoid obstacles.

Other details:

  • You could jump??

  • No pacman branding afaik, can't find anything with "3D pacman"

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/rbl8f3/pc_early_2000s_3d_ball_collecting_game_pacman/

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