Old Space Commodity Trading PC Game (early/mid 2000s)

Hello all,

I have been seeking an old space commodity trading PC game that I played only one time during a week long school trip to when I was in grade 7/8.

The premise of the game was that you are a trader, going from planet to planet, buying the abundant resources of that planet at low prices, and selling those resources to another planet at a higher planet.

It was pretty rudimentary in terms of graphics and animations. Basic text boxes with pixelated characters, and lists of commodities to purchase and sell.

I am hoping that someone with a better memory than mine would be able to help me find the game described.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/voacd6/old_space_commodity_trading_pc_game_earlymid_2000s/

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