Old puzzle game on pc

I just posted this same thing in r/forgottengames but I really wanna find this game so I’m posting this here too. I don’t remember much about this game, I just remember I was a really big fan of this game and I would play it on my grandfathers laptop all the time and it was a game you would get from a disk. I remember in this game you play as a red headed ginger man who looked pretty young and you would travel to many different areas and solve puzzles. A few of the areas were some sort of underwater area, an area where there were like trolls and stonework and metal work stuff? And some sort of area that was just a really fantasy type area. A few things I can distinctly remember about this game is that there was some place where you would have to solve puzzles in a church and you’d have to find pieces of stained glass for a big church window, another thing I remember is at one point you would get a cloak? You’d look in a mirror and you’d the see ginger/red head man wearing a black or grey cloak. I know all this isn’t much to go off of, I haven’t played this game in years but if anyone knows of a similar game I would love to know about it. Any information would help.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/12267hg/old_puzzle_game_on_pc/

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