Old PS3 (Zombie?) Game Where Guy Throws You Off Cliff If You Die Please Help I’m Desperate

There was this game I watched my brother play when we were young on the PS3 at my dad’s house that was the only game that ever really scared me for some reason. And I haven’t been able to find it for years. I’m desperate for answers lol. So I’m asking for help.

I don’t think it was a PS1 game. The graphics seemed better than that. But I can’t remember if it was a PS2 port or an actual PS3 game. I was young. All I remember is when you start off, it looks like an overhead (or close enough) shot of the floor (light grey and foggy if I remember correctly) and your character (have no clue what they looked like, pretty sure it was a guy). Might not have been a full overhead because I remember it was technically supposed to be a cemetery. I think we found that out when we figured out we could walk to another screen. We didn’t even realize the game started tbh. All I know is we stuck around too long on that first screen and then ZOMBIES showed up from off screen and killed us (we didn’t even know it was a zombie game so we panicked but in a funny way lol).

Here’s where the title comes in. They played a cutscene when we died. A large buff looking game (dressed up kind of like an executioner?) was carrying the character’s body down a hallway of a mansion? His back was to the camera and was walking at a diagonal to the right. That takes a second and then it cuts to a faraway view of the outside of the castle/mansion on the edge of a cliff (to the left) and crashing waves and rocks at the bottom of the cliff (to the right). You see your body get thrown out the building and watch it fall to the rocks and waves below. Then it’s game over.

It can’t be a figment of my imagination, right? :’) I feel like I remember too much. I thought it was Alone in the Dark or Are You Afraid of the Dark? but from what I’ve looked up, none of those look like what I remember? I’m going to keep looking into them though. I swore it was something along those lines (pretty sure it had the question mark too but not sure now) but since I was a kid and I have terrible memory I don’t even know if that’s true. I’m falling apart and feel like I’m gaslighting myself lol. That game over screen was the only thing in a game that scared me for some reason and I want to show someone I told about it to so bad. Please help and end my years worth of suffering.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/12i3yp4/old_ps3_zombie_game_where_guy_throws_you_off/

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