Old online game? (good vs bad kid) pls help

I used to play it as a kid, and I just can't remember the name of it. I would love to find out what it was called, even though it's probably not available anymore.

Everything I remember about it:

It's a simple free to play browser game. You had to do different levels as either a bad boy or a good girl. And your task was different depending on the character. Basically that was the whole concept of the game, and the more you played the harder it got (less time or harder task).

I'll list some levels, and what you had to do:


Good: You had to light all the candles on a cake.

Bad: You had to remove all the candles from the cake.


Good: You had to feed the goldfish with fish with food.

Bad: You had to feed another scary fish with the goldfish.


Good: You had to pick up the trash and put them in the bin.

Bad: You had to throw the trash out from the bin to the street.


Good: You had to give the squirrel an acorn.

Bad: You had to knock the acorn out of the squirrel's hand with a slingshot.

….aand there were many other levels including cocroaches & pins, blowing thir nose, dressing up, familiy pictures etc.

I hope someone remembers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/12is6v6/old_online_game_good_vs_bad_kid_pls_help/

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