Old Historical Tile-Matching Puzzle Game

I'm only here to ask about this name of one historical puzzle game that involves tile-matching gameplay with the art and design being countries/states in the past (it includes countries/states like Egypt, Babylon, Rome, France and etc. All being sections of the game).

The objective of it all is:
-There is uncompleted diagrams of objects that you have to collect and piece each one through levels of that exact country/state (like when you start up the game, you will be in Egypt, and the game is telling you that there are items that are in Egypt that you have to piece each one by going through levels)

-After piecing all of the items, there will be a last level which gives you a huge painting based on the country/state you're in, and you're supposed to:
•Place back all of the items you have pieced together into the appropriate spot of the painting
•Collect pieces of a gem that is hidden throughout the painting (once you placed the items back)

-You'll be able to learn the history of the objects you've already pieced back

Specific things that I should mention:
-There is a level in the starting area that forces you to lose as you are collecting a certain historical egyptian item

-The gameplay of tile-matching includes tiles that you have to match across 1 or 2 times more to be able to move a piece of an item down, "items" like shovels, bombs, are used to clear out a tile, and many more

I think that is much that I can remember, I played this during my childhood (around 2009-2011) but I think the game has been uploaded before I got around to play it. I would appreciate if someone played the game or have done a bit of research into finding the game

(I don't have images of the game so sorry about it)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/v7s8d4/old_historical_tilematching_puzzle_game/

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