old game with a girl on a skateboard

so ive been SUFFERING trying to find this game, but basically it goes like this: there's a girl in a world thats pastel-ish with clouds and obstacles, and theres this robot thing guiding her and it goes to the finish line and waits for her. theres stars and purple diamonds/gems to collect during the levels and the more stars you get you can get new skins. and theres also free levels, where shes basically on a circle planet and she just skateboards on it. she can also get off her skateboard (that floats) and run. theres a super vivid memory i have of the game thats basically like a building that looks like an apple, and theres a skatepark next to it. And

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/t7853f/old_game_with_a_girl_on_a_skateboard/

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