old game that is kinda pixly 2d

so my brother used to play this game way back and well ya know time went on and he forgot what the game was called. to explain it the best I can the game is 2d sidescroller, its texture makes kinda pixly, like not in a bad way its just how the textures were. it was kind of a vietnam setting but I dont think it was actually set in the war. well I think you whould get picked up by a chooper sometimes. there were ziplines and sometimes I think it was strategy based and I think you had to libreate villages, still dont know if it was actually set during a far east war. I belive there might have been levels too. you could pick up guns and explosives. also I think you could swicth between characters, but I dont thnik it was muiltiplayer. there is an antoganist whos logo or symbol is a arm flexing(fairly mucsclular too). the final level I think, theres a big box with the villain's logo on it, If I remeber correctly which my memory is a little hazy, I think the box moves back and foruth on the screen and theres spikes I THINK, I think you might have to chase it or something and I dont remember what happens at the end. and there is a fair amount of dialog between you and the villian, through popups, but I think its him talking to you rather than two way. Edit:the game when downloaded was in a winrar format and its from the 2000's

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/tc7xgx/old_game_that_is_kinda_pixly_2d/

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