Old DOS Game Abuse (1996) Soundtrack Rescore

Hope this post is ok to post here! I rescored/covered all of the soundtrack from old DOS video game called Abuse

For myself, the game brings back a lot of fond memories of playing it with my brother. We played the game a few years after it's release, probably in 1998? I'm not sure if my memory serves me correctly as I was quite young. Anyways, we spent hours on the game, mostly me watching him play as I was a little too young to be any good (it was quite fast-paced).

The game's soundtrack was originally composed by Paul Baker and Joe Basquez, so credit to the original composition goes to them. The game is now, however, in the Public Domain. What I did was take those original notation and rescore it. I changed instruments using much more modern sampled instruments, edited the balance of how these instruments worked together, and reworked some notation here and there to make it fit better with the new mix. 

The soundtrack for Abuse features a mix of heavy metal and electronic music, with a focus on fast-paced percussion and aggressive guitar riffs. In my version, I've also added more orchestral elements on some of the tracks and blended those with the synths. The music is well-suited to the game's intense action and sci-fi setting, and it has become a favorite among fans of retro video game music.

You can listen to it here 🙂

Or if you'd like to support me making this kinda music:


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/128ppgj/old_dos_game_abuse_1996_soundtrack_rescore/

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