Old Console Art/Painting game.

An old console game has resurfaced in my memory,
the genre was definitely an cartoony art game, a very low quality one at that.
There was definitely a mascot, most likely a pencil, paintbrush or paint bucket of sorts with an American accent with a voice that seemed to be neither male or female, or a male that was pitched up? One notable part of their voice, I can remember they'd pronounce "Magenta" as "Magacka" for some reason.

The interface would have a canvas in the middle with an uncoloured image in the middle, e.g. a rocket, and above that there would be a long row of paint splatter icons with different colours in, the mascot would say something along the lines of "Pick the colour blue!", of course the colour would not sit smoothly with the rest of the sentence. And you would move the cursor (a white glove maybe?) to said colour and then tap the part that needed painting.

I definitely don't have an approximate year, but I would have played it around the early 2000's

I remember being able to play it on the TV, but that may be wrong. My Dad said the game was in a cartridge, and was on a console like N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast or Leapfrog. Apparently the controller had a joystick, and large button pads, and was pink and purple in colour. Similar to a leapfrog controller in appearance.

Man I'd love to see that game again, I know its not the crayola art studio, I also remember there only being one mascot, and the interface was not like the crayola game.
Thank you to anyone that has any info!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/sxe1t2/old_console_artpainting_game/

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