Old chess game I used to play as a kid

There's this one old game I used to play as a kiddo that I just completely forgot about and I'm trying to find it. To be frank, not even as a kid did I know what the game itself was called but it was 3d chess where the pieces were mythical creatures and humans. White were knights in armour, kings, queens, actual bishops, while black were dragons, goblins and whatever else. I remember playing it as a really young kid, so the game is definitely older than 2010, probably came out around 2005 or so. It also used to have a lot of animations for checking, capturing pieces and checkmates. If anyone could help me find it it'd be greatly appreciated.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/vnv0f7/old_chess_game_i_used_to_play_as_a_kid/

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