Old 2D fighting flash game

I need to find this game i hope anyone can help, i don't have much info so here we go:

– it was an old flash game i believe probably close to 2006-2010

– it had an art style sort of like Terraria

– it was 1v1 fighting game like smash but nowhere near that complex

– there was one character that was like a ninja that would throw shurikens and could duplicate himself over and over again

– i believe there was another character that was sort of like a bald monk that would throw fireballs

– you could give your friend a code and could battle online with eachother

that's all the info i really have, i appreciate any info anyone has 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/t4sd6f/old_2d_fighting_flash_game/

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