Nvidia GeForce Overtakes Google Stadia

Nvidia’s GeForce Now has seemingly attracted far more gamers than big rival Google Stadia, doubtless helped by the fact that there is a free offering – but if big publishers keep pulling games from Nvidia’s streaming service, that may not be the case going forward.

In a recent blog post, Phil Eisler, general manager of GeForce Now, announced that: “Over 1 million new gamers have taken to the cloud by signing up for a free plan or upgrading to the Founders membership, which includes a 90-day free trial.”

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As Pocket Gamer (via PC GamesN) highlighted, back in January, the number of downloads the Stadia app had recorded over at the Play store was 409,000, with another 141,000 via Apple’s store. So combined that’s 550,000, not much more than half of Nvidia’s tally, the latter of which has been amassed in far less time, to boot (GeForce Now only launched at the start of February).

Google Stadia requires either the Android or iOS app to activate the account, so these download numbers work as a fair estimation of subscribers (albeit not necessarily fully accurate). And note that back in January, there was a sharp decrease observed in-app download numbers since Stadia was launched in November 2019.

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