Need Help

Fellas I need your help remember 2 old old pc games, because I want to find and play them again.

One of them was a 5 level game where you’re progressing the stage destroying/dodging robots and at the end is some kind of boss. I think levels 1 and 3 and 2 and 4 are similar in the monsters/robots/android things you fight. The other one is where you’re this short orange mole rat monster thing and you’re trying to jump from platform to platform (left to right, the platforms scroll in a loop either up or down and some have monsters on it that if you touch you die. On the other side is some item that’s always different per level and is sometimes blocked off with some condition to open it, which you then have to bring back to the start. These are old ass games (anywhere from potentially early 80's to the 90's), but I grew up on them as a kid so if anyone here even vaguely remembers what they are that would be great.

I feel like they'd be around at the same time as Enigma (based on Oxyd), Chip's Challenge, Centipede, Asteroid's 1979, etc.

Thank you ahead of time for reading.


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