Looking for two old PC games

Both of these games are from the same era, sometime between 2001 and 2010 I'm pretty sure. I was pretty young so I know the were elementary school-middle school level games, I think they were edutainment games.

the first game starts off in a school where it's 'take your pet to school day'. something happens and I think one of the kids lets all of the pets out. then it goes to a sort of made-up world where you have to do minigames to rescue each pet. I remember two of them; the first was a bunch of different colored slides, you would pick one from the top platform and then come out the bottom into a ball pit. the second minigame was a platformer set in the cafeteria, you had to jump on lunch trays and fries.

The second game was music based, I don't remember much of it but the plot was that some evil guy stole the music and you had to make songs(?) to get it back. I think there was a bunch of games made by the same company with similar names and vibes?

Thanks if you can help!

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