looking for the name of a windows 98 puzzle game can anyone can help?

Hi, so ive been looking for this puzzle game that i remember playing on my dads old windows 98 pc around the year 1999-2000 as a kid.

its a timed puzzle game in which you need to solve the puzzle in time, and after every puzzle the next one will be more difficult.

I am also pretty sure that after solving a puzzle you would get extra time rewarded.

you will lose once you run out of time (which i eventually always did because the puzzles got too hard)

the puzzles consisted of a juggled set of symbols that you would have to rejuggle by clicking on them.

your mouse cursor would always rotate 4 symbols at a time, always rotating the symbols clockwise.

on the (right?) side of the screen would be the correct order of the symbols (usually something like roses on the bottom and jewels on the top or something like that).

i also remember the game having a nice cute soundtrack with a nice upbeat beat.

ring any bells?

thanks in advance!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/rafvu1/looking_for_the_name_of_a_windows_98_puzzle_game/

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