Looking for old horse game please help

Hey, so in the early 2000’s probably 2010, 2011 I would play on my families desk top on those kids game websites I’m not sure what the website was but I remember playing this horse game and I can’t think of the name. The game was about this white horse the ends up Turning into a pony at the end and flying away The setting of the game was at night in the stables. And your character would have to take care of the horse. You would have to feed it and fill the water up by ordering a little pressure plate button in the water dish You would have to find horse shoes around the stable. And then a shooting star came through the stable roof and landed in the horses water dish and when the horse drank it, it turned into a pony and had wings. Please help me find the name of this game I just want to get childhood nostalgia back.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/rzfut5/looking_for_old_horse_game_please_help/

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