Looking for old ASCII “space” conquest game

Like most here looking for an old game. It was ASCII based, not sure if PC or Mac. Played on my college roommates machine and dont remember what it was. This would have been around 91-92.

It was a space conquest where the screen was just green dots in a grid with some known planets being represented just with letters of the alphabet. You could tell it how many players you had and each player took their turn at the keyboard. You told your planets the number and type of ship to make and then gave it grid coordinates to travel to. You could then attack the planet or settle it if you got there, and it was uninhabited but other players fleets and movements where all hidden from each other.

Sure, the game probably actually sucked but I remember it very fondly playing with my nerd college friends.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/11nb282/looking_for_old_ascii_space_conquest_game/

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