Looking for name of old logistic/truck simulation/game on Pc

Hey guys,

Hope I’m in the right sub-reddit! I’ve been talking to my brother the whole day about a game we used to play when we were kids. (Approx. 15-17 years ago). It was a truck or logistics simulation kinda game, where you had to drive around the map and take on contracts to transport stuff from a to b.
(Beside trucks you could also use regular cars)

We played the game in german language and the vehicle dealer had always said something like „Such dir eins aus“ (something like „pick the one you like“) in a super weird way haha.

Is there someone who remembers that game and can tell me the name of it? Would help a lot! 😅

Thank you!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/rre16y/looking_for_name_of_old_logistictruck/

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