Looking for games with THIS in it. Any recommendations?

To make it not too complicated, I'm kinda bored and looking for some games that have this 'thing' I always liked in games. That 'thing' being you leading a team of colorful characters.

Best example to me is still the Mass Effect trillogy; you're the leader of a team of characters, these characaters all varry from each other in many ways, sometimes they come from all walks of life, and most if not all display clear effort by the writers to make them interesting, and despite the game telling you each of them has advantages and disadvantages in combat, what really stands out about them are their personalities. BioWare seemed to have once really enjoyed such gimmicks since it was also present in Knights of the Old Republic.

Anyway, do you know of any other games that might fill in this strangely specific filter? It doesn't neccessarily have to be integrated into the gameplay, but I'd be invested if it was a large part of the story.

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