Looking for game from the 90’s from only just a vague logo

I'm searching for a game or some sort of computer program from probably the early to mid 90s, maybe a little later or earlier though. All there really is for reference is this picture of a T-Shirt that was being worn by a kid in a picture taken around 1998 or so. I'm guessing the bottom right black text says CD-ROM and probably Computer before it. My guess for the top red and yellow text is "automotive" or "radioactive", maybe another word and then "active". And then no real good guesses for the middle blue text. If anyone has any ideas on what this could be or even guesses at some of the worlds to help diversify my Googling. I've been at it for around an hour so figured I'd see if anyone knows fast lol, thanks in advance and will update if I find out myself. Also if anyone has any ideas where else to possibly post this as well as here that would be helpful, wasn't really sure where to start asking first haha


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/12a75uy/looking_for_game_from_the_90s_from_only_just_a/

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