Looking for and old meteor defence game on Mac 84′-89′.

Hi there everyone and thanks for the time to read this.

My search for a game has brought me here to ask about it because its not to be found on google after an hour search.

At my great grandparents house there was this Machintosh model between 85' and 89' it had games on there like Thieve, Mahjoong.

One of the games amongst them was a game with Cannon towers and a city on the ground in 2D, and there was a meteor rain which you were suppose to protect the city from with explosive projectiles that work like WW2 flak cannons kinda and you would click in the skies where the explosion should be because the projectile travels against the meteor and takes time to get there. Anticipation is key.

Anyways thats it hope it wakes any memories up here.

Thanks in advance old gamers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/r6m5bh/looking_for_and_old_meteor_defence_game_on_mac/

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