Looking for an old pc game I played as a kid.

Me and my sister are desperately trying to find the names of two of our favorite games we had as kids. We have very little info on them but maybe someone will recognize them. Both games were dvd games that ran on a really old chunky computer. They were also both made for like 8 and under.

Game 1: we remember it was set in a town and if you clicked on a building it would bring you to a pick your favorite screen. The categories we remember were pick your favorite sport and skating and soccer were definitely options. Another category was favorite ice cream. And I think one of the other categories was favorite weather. I’m pretty sure it had character options so you could play as specific characters. It was a really childish cartoon style.

Game 2: we remember one of the challenges was picking trash out of we think a river. There was also a mine and the little characters whistled “I’ve been working on the railroad” but it didn’t have anything to do with Snow White. I think it was all puzzle games. And it was one of those kid games that had a character voice that said stuff like “can you figure it out?” And stuff like that

I hope someone recognizes these but it’s been like 12 years since I’ve seen them so we’ll see.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/117wepr/looking_for_an_old_pc_game_i_played_as_a_kid/

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