Looking for an old game or something close to it!

Back in like 2000ish, when the internet had started to blow up, I found this game. I don't remember if it was downloaded or if it was strictly online. If I could relate it to anything, it'd be close to the game Worms! Except you used these little vehicles that you could customize/unlock skins for. And basically each team could only move forward/backwards a certain distance and the goal was to destroy the other team. The map was destructible so you could use your attacks to, literally, drill underneath the map to get closer to your opponent without getting attacked! It was such a fun game and I'd really love to find something like it! Any suggestions?!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/upi64h/looking_for_an_old_game_or_something_close_to_it/

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