Looking for a game I can’t remember.

First post for this but I remembered an interesting oldish looking cult game, don’t know the age of it or how old it really is but didn’t seem most other game sites could have help for this.

Had different mythological gods as a choice to choose for faction, with it being a top down pixel game that is turn based. Had the objective of ending that world with more of the gods unlocking after having won once, with one of them being Ouroboros being one of the gods and having a character token instead of just cultists. There would be a chosen one which would gather the prices of a banishment ritual which would end the game or kill your men.

You had to go around cities to corrupt them and could choose to do some stuff and lie low to keep your attention down or do a lot it become a far greater target. The towns and cities would have some hexagonal shape or at the least look like tokens with many many different roads going to other tokens.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/11dzkz7/looking_for_a_game_i_cant_remember/

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