Looking for a childhood mobile game

Hi everyone, I am looking for an old mobile game that I used to play. It was played with the keyboard of my cell phone, but it looked very new, so maybe it could be played on a newer cell phone (e.g. Android based).
You played two balls with faces, which had a spaceship and landed on planets or had to flee from there. The bigger ball was red and the small ball was green (or blue?). You always had to jump and run to avoid falling in somewhere or not to get crashed.

It has similarity with this one:
Touch Foo's Soosiz, if anyone knows that one. Seems to be only available for IOs.

Somebody remeber more?
Thanks guys

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/r5ljck/looking_for_a_childhood_mobile_game/

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