Long shot but my last resort!

My brother gave me a PC game in the early 2000s that was his old game so it’s probably a 90s or even 89s game. The game had graphics and a similar theme/mood to Pajama Sam but probably worse graphics. It was a little bit of a horror or creepy game, I remember a brain being either on the cover or a main character in the game. From memory it was a point and click game. I don’t believe you ever see the character you are playing as I think it’s first person view. The brain nah have been the character you have to beat. I remember being grossed out by the game and for some reason whizz fizz comes to mind when I think of the game?? It probably wasn’t an educational game. It was definitely a kids game and it wouldn’t be that well known.

Long shot I know sorry for the super vague details but I was young!

The game is not Pajama Sam, Dr Brain or the neverhood.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/tkvwqt/long_shot_but_my_last_resort/

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