I’m trying to remember a pc game form my childhood from the 90 early 2000.

I'm trying to remember a game from my childhood, the theme of the game was spooky and it was first person perspective, you have to go through a dark wood and there were multiple challenge you had to overcome and they were educational, the minigames that I can remember are:

Adding and subtracting bugs, don't remember if there were also multiplication and if you make a mistake there were a witch that make a really scary sound, another minigame was a treasure map where you had to use a boat to get to a part of the world, the game give you geographical clues, another minigame was with potions but I don't remember really well what you had to do with the potions.

I have been looking for it a while now because isn't one of the most known games like clue finders or the magical school bus, but if someone knows the names, please let me know.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/11trlo6/im_trying_to_remember_a_pc_game_form_my_childhood/

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