I’m looking for the name of an old game i had in my Samsung GT-M2520

(I already posted on r/gaming but after that I saw this community and thought it'd be better here) It was already installed when I got it (2010-2011) and it was a 2d platformer, the platforms moved and sometimes disappeared. The character was some kind of knight or adventurer and I believe there was a princess/his loved one at the end, it had a REALLY catchy music too. It was the kind of platformer where you fell and died, I believe the background was always a sky. And for some reason I think I had to collect round breads? I can't remember if they were lives or "bullets" to shoot, but that part is a bit confusing in my memory (can't even remember if I had a gun/weapon to shoot). Anyway, that was a long and weird description, I hope someone can identify the game and give me some kind of name, I'd like to play it again and find it's music too, it was great! Thanks for your time šŸ™‚

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/sihsy3/im_looking_for_the_name_of_an_old_game_i_had_in/

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