I’m looking for a windows xp game, can you help me?

When I was a kid I used to play a PC game with my sister, it was one of those old computers, it had Windows xp, it was around the year 2005 , I´´´´ dont't remember much, it was like a safari, the protagonist was a red monkey, an ape rather. It had minigames, one of them I remember was called Who eats who? Where you had 3 levels, one was a penguin, it was a side-scrolling game. Another thing I remember is that there was a kind of figurine album where in the minigames, when they were completed, you unlocked the animals in the album, then you could go to the album and see information about the animals, play their sounds and that kind of thing. The game had to be saved on diskette but since we did not have those computers we were never able to save the game, we have been looking for the name for years

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