I need to find an old childhood game!!!! Please!!

Hello! I'm looking for an old game that I used to play as a child, but I can't remember much. What I do remember that it is a side perspective old rpg and the dialog happens through dialog boxes, you play only with one character, a little cartoonish man, although you interact with other characters. The most relevant memory that I have is that the character spins while jumping or attacking. The character fights only with swords and fights some kind of demons, but I'm not certain. I do remember one part of the game in which you are in some sort of place with lava and as you go forward you need something to protect you from the heat or else you die instantly. I think is something asian but I'm not sure. I know is not much, but I spent half a day to try finding it on google with no success

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/td5s7y/i_need_to_find_an_old_childhood_game_please/

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