I need help with an old PC game

It was from the 2000s on PC. You were a little boy and you’d go into this creepy old man’s house. You’d go through his things looking for clues and keys. I kind of forget the objective of the game. Then he’d come into the room and the clock would pop up, you’d have 5-10 seconds to hide. You could hide under a lot of things but had to make sure it wasn’t obvious or he’d find you and kick you out. Everyone says “Hello Neighbor” but that’s a newer game. This was old school on a PC. I can see the graphics in my head. The front door had a big clock you could hide in, you could see the character through the glass when you hid in there. There was a dog in the game too, I can’t remember if it’s his dog or your dog. Help me remember the name.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldgames/comments/12d6141/i_need_help_with_an_old_pc_game/

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